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What is included in the tour?


  • Accommodation for the duration of your tour, usually 4 or 5 star luxury hotels unless requested otherwise.

  • Access to pool and sauna facilities where available 

  • Laundry service where available 


  • Daily breakfasts, light lunches and half of all evening meals, with your first drink  provided as part of the pricing. All other evening meals and outings will NOT be included in the price.

  • To keep those pedals turning we will provide energy bars and drinks during your rides.

Support and Transport

  • We provide personal collection from the tours designated pick up point upon arrival and drop off at the end of your tour.

  • The support vehicle will accompany the BREAKAWAY peloton from start to finish and provide technical assistance or a lift home if you’ve had enough of turning the pedals.

  • All luggage transfers provided by the BREAKAWAY Team



  • Nothing makes you feel more connected on the bike than matching kit, and we love seeing a whole peloton of BREAKAWAY riders. So for your tour you will receive a custom designed BREAKAWAY cycling jersey, knicks and socks valued at €205.


Not Included in the Tour

  • Airfares and Travel Insurance

  • Optional Activities NOT scheduled by BREAKAWAY Cycle Tours.

  • Three evening meals will be at your own cost- however BREAKAWAY can certainly recommend and book restaurant if required.

  • Bicycle hire is available at an additional cost.



What level of fitness is required for your tours?

At BREAKAWAY we believe that absolutely EVERYONE should be able to experience the incredible freedom of exploring by bike! From those who wish to cruise in comfort and admire the scenery, to those who are in it for the challenge! That's why we offer not only a wide range of tailored routes suitable for all riding abilities but also fabulous E-BIKES! With four speed assistance levels you can work as much or as little as you like while soaking in your stunning surrounds.


As far as fitness goes, it's all up to you and what you want to experience with us. You only need a little courage and a sense of adventure to BREAKAWAY! It goes without saying that the fitter you are the easier it may be, however, being able to ride distances of more than 20km is NOT a requirement. To assess what routes and rides will be most suitable for you, take a look at our Riding Ability Rating.

Rider Type | Needing a Break

My idea of a BREAKAWAY...

I love the idea of a unique holiday that combines a little bit of exercise with a lot of leisure. I’m happy not to wear Lycra, cleats (clip in shoes) are not for me and the wider the seat the better! I don’t consider myself a ‘cyclist’ but I am a cheese and wine connoisseur.


Riding 20km a day is plenty for me! I would love to be able to stop en route for a coffee or fresh croissant and take in beautiful sights and scenery.

BREAKAWAY uphill...

No thanks I like to stay on the flat, hills are not for me...Unless I can get some help from those DUAL ELECTRIC bikes!

Rider Type | Weekend Warrior

My idea of a BREAKAWAY...

On weekends I’m comfortable leaping onto my bike and getting some exercise. I enjoy riding that lets me escape and relax but you’ll often find me ‘recovering’ at the local coffee shop.


I can comfortably ride 30-40km each day but I would still like to enjoy the surroundings while I ride. Rest, recovery and re-fuelling should also be a highlight of my day.

BREAKAWAY uphill...

I can manage short hills but I may need a helping hand from the support car on the longer ones.

Rider Type | Peloton Pro

My idea of a BREAKAWAY...

I breakaway on my bike whenever I can during the week and I use the extra time on weekends for longer rides. I may not be in the BREAK every time but I am definitely a peloton cyclist!


Riding at least 50-90km each day makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I would love to see as much of the sights from behind my handlebars as possible.

BREAKAWAY uphill...

I don’t mind a good hill, I like to challenge myself but I don’t always wear the polka dot jersey.

Rider Type | Leading the Break

My idea of a BREAKAWAY...

Breaking away on my bike is the best part of my day and I spend a lot of time riding. I am passionate about cycling and would love to one day follow the Tour de France instead of watching from my lounge room!


Spending hours on my bike makes me happy and I can ride over 100km each day. I have a need for speed and can ride at 30km per hour for at least two hours.

BREAKAWAY uphill...

Give me hills, summits and mountains anytime, anywhere, anyplace! I’m all about the KOM, I’ll even race the support car to the top.

Do I need to bring any additional bike tools or equipment?

We provide an adequately equipped support vehicle with essential tools and spare parts that will ensure a safe and reliable journey. A variety of spare parts such as, tubes, tires and canisters, may be purchased whenever needed throughout the tour. Although we may supply a range of spare parts we cannot stock all parts for all bikes. Instead we have access to a number of bike shops for repairs. Ultimately, it’s better to be prepared, so we do recommend bringing along some tubes and a basic multi-tool.

Is bicycle hire available?

Two options are available: You may choose to ride your own bicycle for comfort and familiarity or, we offer the option to hire a bicycle on request, for an additional cost. If you wish to hire a bicycle please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to arrange the hire.

What if I need a break or can’t make the distance?

Whether you need some rest or simply want to enjoy the surrounds, we are more than happy to make a few pit stops en route. Feeling like you won't make the distance? No worries! Our support vehicle accompanies the peloton from start to finish.

Do we ride every day? What are the options if I don’t want to ride?

We offer a new riding route every day, however if the group does not wish to ride on a particular day there are plenty of other options available. Rides will generally take place in the morning so that you have the remainder of the day to explore the beautiful scenery and towns, but everyone has their own definition of morning, so it’s really up to the group!

Is mechanical assistance available?

There will be a staff member both on and off the road to assist in basic mechanical repairs, bike set-up and packing.

How much luggage am I able to bring on the tour?

We suggest that clients bring one medium sized suitcase with one additional day bag. Remember to leave room for any memorabilia or souvenir items you purchase while on the tour.

What clothing will I need for riding on the tour?

Specific items of clothing that we recommend include bib shorts, jerseys and undershirts. For those of you who are participating in altitude rides, such as the Alps, we suggest packing arm and leg warmers, gloves and windbreakers. However, if you don’t like the idea of spandex and mountains are not for you, simple comfortable clothing will suffice.

Do I need travel insurance? Can Breakaway Cycle Tours sort it out for me?

Breakaway Cycle Tours does not arrange Travel Insurance; however, it is a necessity (This cover should include but not be limited to repatriation, hospitalization and medical costs). Please note that it is imperative we receive a copy of the travel insurance certificate and number no later than one month prior to your tour.


When is final payment due?

Full payment is required 4 months (or 120 days) before the start date of your cycling tour.

What if I have to cancel my trip or change the dates?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to view our cancellation policy.

For any further questions before you join the BREAKAWAY?


Please contact us directly at We hope that you will join us for the ride of your life! Go on...Chase you Dream...BREAKAWAY!

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